Cardiac Arrest Masterclass

Cardiac arrest management is core business of a resuscitationist and practice is constantly evolving in the pursuit of improving patient outcomes.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the London Trauma Conference’s Cardiac Arrest Masterclass stream, where Matt Thomas put on a superb array of talks around all things cardiac arrest.

We managed to borrow a bit of time from some of the speakers and caught up with some of the topics covered including; airway management, ECGs pre/post arrest, POCUS, CRM and breaking bad news. We found the day hugely useful and we hope the podcast sums up some of the great points from the day.


SimonRob & James


London Trauma Conference

AIRWAYS-2; podcast

SPIKES Protocol

Geeky Medics; Breaking Bad News

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LITFL; Killer ECG Patterns

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Zero Talent Battle

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