Cardiac Arrest, Start With The End in Mind

We’ve covered Cardiac Arrest management (as in the medical delivery of it) in a previous Roadside to Resusepsiode. Since then we’ve had some updates with Paramedic-2, Refractory VF, Airways-2  and a whole host of other papers. But what we haven’t talked much about is the art of creating the environment, space & workflow to deliver…

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Papers of March 2024

Welcome back to the podcast, a new month, three more papers and discussion around the topics. We kick off with a paper comparing mechanical ventilation in CPR compared to the more traditional hand ventilation; what difference does the machine make to ventilation in arrest and should we be changing to this strategy as a standard?…

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Refractory VF

As we all know, rapid and effective resuscitation makes a huge difference to the chance of survival from a cardiac arrest. If you’re going to pick a rhythm to have as the patient or as the Resuscitationist, then it’s going to be a shockable rhythm, so VF or pulseless VT as they hold the greatest…

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