So in this episode we’re going to be covering crush injury. 

When you think about it, visions of falling rocks, industrial accidents and high speed RTCs may come to mind, but actually a crush injury can be sustained in a huge variety of ways without such vivid circumstances.

Definitions according to the Faculty of Prehospital Care are that;

‘A crush injury is a direct injury resulting from crush. 

Crush syndrome is the systemic manifestation of muscle cell damage resulting from pressure or crushing’

So in the episode we’re going to run through all of the bits that we normally cover, from pathophysiology, to presentation and onto treatment. We’ll also be looking at the controversy and evidence behind tourniquet use, fluid therapy, electrolyte management and much, much more!

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Simon, Rob & James

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  • Richard Sawyer says:

    Cheers once again. CPD whilst on the motorway. Sweet! Shared at work as usual 🙂

  • natasha.day0910 says:

    Brilliant listen! Thank you

  • ThomWy says:

    Thank you guys. This episode has certainly improved my knowledge and updated my practice regarding elderly falls where prolonged time periods on the floor have been spent. Especially in regards to conveyance and non conveyance.

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