Debrief is an extremely important topic both in the prehospital and in-hospital environment. It offers the opportunity to clarify, reflect and improve on future practice. But partaking in and running a debrief can be challenging. So in this episode we’ll be exploring debrief in a lot more detail.

We’ll be covering both hot and cold debriefs, frameworks for debriefing and tips on what works well, as well as what sometimes doesn’t.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 we have handed over the mics to three incredible colleagues;

Gemma Richmond has worked for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service for 20 years. She joined as an Emergency medical technician and spent 10 years working on a DCA. She then took a full time position with the Yorkshire Hazardous Area Response Team and during that time qualified as a paramedic and remained there for 8 years. She is now currently seconded to work on the Yorkshire Air Ambulance as a HEMS paramedic.

After leaving full time military service Clare Fitchett qualified as a Paramedic with South Central Ambulance Service in 2013. She joined Thames Valley Air Ambulance in 2018 and has been working as a trainee and then qualified Critical Care Paramedic since.

Finally Vicki Brown, who has been in the ambulance service for 20 years. She became a HEMS paramedic in 2006, joined Great Western Air Ambulance in 2012 and is currently working as an Advanced Practitioner Critical Care.

Once again we’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback either on the website or via twitter @TheResusRoom.


Simon, Rob & James

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  • teensconnaughton says:

    Really enjoyed that! Very informative discussion. A nice nod to Women’s International Day by having the three female speakers! Thanks gals and guys!

  • natalie.collis says:

    Like the TALK debrief and STOP, will be teaching these

  • duffymar2 says:

    Great talk everyone, very informative as I work as a paramedic and will certaintly be using the STOP tool.
    Thank you

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