End of Life Care

Delivering excellent End of Life Care in the Emergency Care is a real challenge but also a huge privilege and has formed some of the most rewarding parts of our careers to date.

We’ve been really keen to End of Life Care as a topic for a while now. Many, if not all of you, will have been out to these patients or received them in your ED. 

They aren’t simple cases to manage, with lots of issues around scope of practice, lack of alternative care pathways, confusion surrounding legal documentation and many studies have identified a lack of education around palliative care.

In this episode we’ll do our best to demystify those medico-legal terms, talk about care pathways and options that may be available to us, have a think about how we can talk with patients about death and then go on to discuss the clinical care we might need to deliver and the wider holistic nature of caring for these patients and their loved ones.

We’re lucky enough to be joined by Ed Presswood, who’s a palliative care consultant and clearly an expert on the topic. We gained a massive amount from this episode and we hope you find it really useful too.

You’ll find the hyperlinks to some fantastic resources on the topic over on the webpage at TheResusRoom.

Once again we’d love to hear any comments or questions either via the website or social media.


Simon, Rob & James

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