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The last time we took a good look at head injuries was back in 2018 in our Roadside to Resus episodes and for all of the foundational stuff on incidence, assessment, management and loads more  make sure you go and check that episode out. 

But this episode is one of our new UPDATES episodes, because we’re pretty old now… and whilst we’ve been having a go at this for a while evidence and guidelines will have progressed, which clearly have implications on how we manage certain cases and that’s where these come in! So they’ll focus mainly on the last 5 years of practice.

The new NICE head injury guidance has just been released and it’s the first major overhaul since 2014.  Now we know it’s a UK guideline, but there’s some really key practice updates and evidence in there that’s relevant irrespective of where you find yourself listening this! 

So in this episode we’re going to be having a look at the most recent TXA evidence, with in terms of indications, timing and dosing. We’ll be having a look at the risk of intracerebral injury with regards to anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents and a few other bits and pieces that can help us inform and improve our care.

Once again we’d love to hear any comments or questions either via the website or social media.


Simon, Rob & James

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