Intubation, RSI and RSI Assist Course

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We are passionate that expert delivery of intubation, both in emergency anaesthesia and cardiac arrest, is vital in delivering excellent care to critically unwell patients. When delivered incorrectly it can lead to disastrous outcomes.

Getting the environment and materials to learn these skills throughout our own training was a huge challenge and we have been motivated to deliver the best available course on the topic.

By the end of the course you will leave more informed, more confident and in a better position to develop your advanced airway management, regardless of your role is in it’s delivery.


After months of work, we’re proud to deliver this online course on all aspects of both pre and in-hospital intubation & emergency anaesthesia. 


The course includes theory and discussion around the key factors involved in advanced airway management. Included in the content is video footage of RSI simulation, the assistant role and video laryngoscopy demonstrating the technique we subscribe to, along with pitfalls to be aware of.

A series of talks and discussions from Simon, Rob and James from The Resus Room will cover the following;

    • Indications and overview of intubation and RSI
    • Creating the best environment for success
    • Pharmacology, the recipe for the stable RSI
    • Patient factors; what can we modify and how can we adapt
    • Chasing the right equipment, how to maximise it’s potential
    • Positioning for success
    • Expert laryngoscopy, how to; DL & VL
    • Operator 2; the key player
    • Post intubation and ventilator set up
    • Cases; applying it all together

And Q&A from the live audience on the day of recording will help consolidate the topic.

We’re really proud to offer you our most in-depth course to date and we hope you find it as useful as we found preparing and producing it!


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