Papers of December 2021

Welcome back to December’s paper of the month podcast!

In the first paper this month we take a look at a paper that assesses the utility of CT scans for patients presenting with fever of an unknown origin; could this help us identify the source more frequently and if so how often?

Next, we often focus on the specific of medical management in cardiac arrest, but what impact does witnessing a cardiac arrest have on bystanders and could this affect the way we interact and behave on scene?

Lastly we consider those patients that require a prehospital anaesthetic following return of spontaneous circulation from a medical cardiac arrest. Does the choice of induction agent between midazolam and ketamine affect the likelihood of hypotension and other complications?

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Simon & Rob

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Cardiovascular complications of prehospital emergency anaesthesia in patients with return of spontaneous circulation following medical cardiac arrest: a retrospective comparison of ketamine-based and midazolam-based induction protocols. Christopher King. Emerg Med J. 2021

One out of three bystanders of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests shows signs of pathological psychological processing weeks after the incident – results from structured telephone interviews. Peter Brinkrolf. SJTREM. 2021

Role of thoracic and abdominal tomography in identifying a potential source of infection in patients with acute fever of unknown focus. Ekrem Taha Sert. Am J Emerg Med. 2021

EMJ Podcast; November 2021

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