Papers of November 2021

Welcome back to the papers of the month podcast!

First up we take a look at a paper assessing the importance of symptoms and sings in suspected Cauda Equina cases and consider which factors we should be giving weight to, including whether a PR is appropriate.

Next up we take a look at a paper looking at electrical injuries presenting to the Emergency Department, the risk of significant injury and the appropriate investigations to perform on both high and low energy voltage injuries.

Lastly we take a look a paper looking at the use of vasopressin and steroids in in-hospital cardiac arrest and see what effect in has in the latest RCT.

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Simon & Rob

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Effect of Vasopressin and Methylprednisolone vs Placebo on Return of Spontaneous Circulation in Patients With In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Lars W Andersen. JAMA. 2021

Determination of potential risk characteristics for cauda equina compression in emergency department patients presenting with atraumatic back pain: a 4-year retrospective cohort analysis within a tertiary referral neurosciences centre. Michelle Angus. Emerg Med J. 2021

Patient outcomes after electrical injury – a retrospective study. Jamal Ahmed. Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med. 2021

St Emlyns; Re-evaluating risk factors for Cauda Equina

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