December 2017

Here are the papers that caught our eye over the last month, many of these will go onto form the topics for our monthly podcasts and topics which you can subscribe to here.


Cuffed vs. uncuffed tracheal tubes in children: a randomised controlled trial comparing leak, tidal volume and complications. Chambers NA. Anaesthesia. 2017

A modified Montpellier protocol for intubating intensive care unit patients is associated with an increase in first-pass intubation success and fewer complications. Corl KA. J Crit Care. 2017

Waveform capnography: an alternative to physician gestalt in determining optimal intubating conditions after administration of paralytic agents. Scoccimarro A. Emerg Med J. 2017


5 A study analysing the diagnostic performance of ECG interpretation for 30-day major cardiac events in the emergency department. Morris N. Emerg Med J. 2017

Syncope Prognosis Based on Emergency Department Diagnosis: A Prospective Cohort Study. Toarta C. Acad Emerg Med. 2017

Percutaneous coronary intervention in stable angina (ORBITA): a double-blind, randomised controlled trial. Al-Lamee R. Lancet. 2017

Non-antiarrhythmic interventions in new onset and paroxysmal sepsis-related atrial fibrillation. Vieillard-Baron A. Intensive Care Med. 2017

Cardiac Arrest

Closed chest compressions reduce survival in a model of haemorrhage-induced traumatic cardiac arrest. Watts S. Emerg Med J. 2017

Do low-risk patients with non-cardiac chest pain prefer early discharge after rapid rule-out in the emergency department? Hancock I. Emerg Med J. 2017

Predicting ROSC in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest using expiratory carbon dioxide concentration: Is trend-detection instead of absolute threshold values the key? Brinkrolf P. Resuscitation. 2017

Critical Care

Non-invasive ventilation use in status asthmaticus: 16 years of experience in a tertiary intensive care. Bond KR. Emerg Med Australas. 2017

A retrospective comparison of survivors and non-survivors of massive pulmonary embolism receiving veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support. George B. Resuscitation. 2017


Thrombectomy 6 to 24 Hours after Stroke with a Mismatch between Deficit and Infarct. Nogueira RG. N Engl J Med. 2017

Pre Hospital

Systematic review of the effectiveness of prehospital critical care following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Vopelius-Feldt JV. Emerg Med J. 2017

Emergency versus standard response: time efficacy of London’s Air Ambulance rapid response vehicle. Rehn M. Emerg Med J. 2017


Decision analysis modelling of diagnostic strategies for suspected pulmonary embolism in pregnancy: the DiPEP economic evaluation. Pollard D. Emerg Med J. 2017

Accuracy of biomarkers for venous thromboembolism in pregnancy: the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism in pregnancy (DiPEP) biomarker study. Goodacre S. Emerg Med J. 2017

Syncope on presentation is a surrogate for submassive and massive acute pulmonary embolism. Omar HR. Am J Emerg Med. 2017


Prophylactic antibiotics for penetrating injury: a review of practice at a major trauma centre, literature review and recommendations. Kamarova M. Emerg Med J. 2017

Systematic review and meta-analysis of analgesic efficacy and safety profile of single injection fascia iliaca compartment blocks in the acute pre-operative pain management of hip fractures. Fadhlillah F. Emerg Med J. 2017

Manipulation and reduction of paediatric forearm fractures using Es-ketamine in a paediatric emergency department – a 5 year study. Mulvaney S. Emerg Med J. 2017

Tranexamic acid: is it about time? Dries DJ. Lancet. 2017

Physical Examination is the Best Predictor of the Need for Abdominal Surgery in Children Following Motor Vehicle Collision. Drucker NA. J Emerg Med. 2017


Topical Tranexamic Acid Compared With Anterior Nasal Packing for Treatment of Epistaxis in Patients Taking Antiplatelet Drugs: Randomized Controlled Trial. Zahed R. Acad Emerg Med. 2017

Gestalt for shock and mortality in the emergency department: A prospective study. Li YL. Am J Emerg Med. 2017

We look forward to bringing you some of these papers in future podcasts, if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear then leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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