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Why? We are passionate that expert delivery of intubation, both in emergency anaesthesia and cardiac arrest, is vital in delivering excellent care to critically unwell patients. When delivered incorrectly it can lead to disastrous outcomes. Getting the environment and materials to learn these skills throughout our own training was a

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Why? Cardiac Arrest Management is key to patient survival and we can make a huge difference to patient outcomes  What In this masterclass we will cover the key areas where we as clinicians and systems designers can improve our delivery of cardiac arrest management  How A series of short talks

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Why? Delivering the best care to our patients matters. Whether this is provided in the prehospital or in-hospital environment it is based on solid foundations and shared learning. Sedation is best delivered in a team-based approach, with all members familiar with its intricacies. What? Sedation forms a key part of

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Welcome back to June’s Papers of the month! We kick off this month looking at the work up of patients with a first episode of psychosis. With these patients there is a chance of a psychosis secondary to an underlying structural cause. Getting neuro-imaging to look for this prior to

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We’ve covered Cardiac Arrest management (as in the medical delivery of it) in a previous Roadside to Resusepsiode. Since then we’ve had some updates with Paramedic-2, Refractory VF, Airways-2  and a whole host of other papers. But what we haven’t talked much about is the art of creating the environment,

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Welcome back to the podcast and three great papers for May’s episode! First up we take a pretty deep look into refractory VF. This follows on from our our review of DOSE-VF in December ’22’s papers of the month and our recent Roadside to Resus on the topic. In that

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Lower back pain is a really common cause for patients to present to primary care, urgent care and emergency care. Thankfully many of these cases are self limiting, but somewhere in the region of 1:300 patients with back pain in the ED will have Cauda Equina Syndrome. Cauda Equina Syndrome

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End Tidal CO2, or ETCO2 for short, is something that’s talked about pretty often in Emergency and Critical Care and that’s because it’s used a lot in the assessment and treatment of patients! It’s got a big part to play in airway management, resuscitation, sedation and is also increasingly used

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As we all know, rapid and effective resuscitation makes a huge difference to the chance of survival from a cardiac arrest. If you’re going to pick a rhythm to have as the patient or as the Resuscitationist, then it’s going to be a shockable rhythm, so VF or pulseless VT

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I really enjoyed the podcast and it always poses the question “What would I do in that situation”, good to get the grey matter working


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