November 2016

 Some of the papers that caught our eye this month…..


Use and implementation of SOPs & checklists in prehospital emergency medicine: a literature review

Design and implementation of the AIRWAYS-2 trial

Factors impacting upon timely allocation of prehospital medical assistance to cardiac arrest patients

Cardiac Arrest

Emergency department point-of-care ultrasound in out-of-hospital and in-ED cardiac arrest


Effect of Postextubation High-Flow Nasal Cannula vs NIV on Reintubation and Postextubation……

Managing Initial Mechanical Ventilation in the Emergency Department

Systematic review and meta-analysis of first-pass success rates in emergency department intubation

Critical Care

Effect of Conservative vs Conventional Oxygen Therapy on Mortality in an Intensive Care Unit


Early invasive vs non-invasive treatment in non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome (FRISC-II)


A Randomized Trial of Long-Term Oxygen for COPD with Moderate Desaturation

I.V. & Nebulized Magnesium for Treating Acute Asthma in Children: A Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis

Yield of CTPA in the ED When Providers Override Evidence-based Clinical Decision Support

PE prevalence in syncopal admissions


Is there a ‘weekend effect’ in major trauma?


CT interpretations in multiply injured patients: comparison of ED docs and on-call radiologists

Best Clinical Practice: Controversies in PE Imaging & Treatment of Subsegmental Thromboembolic Disease

Predictors of Positive CT Yield in Pediatric Patients With Nontraumatic Abdominal Pain

Safety of deferred CT imaging of intoxicated patients presenting with possible traumatic brain injury

Introduction of a pan-scan protocol for blunt trauma activations: what are the consequences?

 Other areas of interest

Chemical agents for the sedation of agitated patients in the ED: a systematic review

Inter-rater reliability of post-arrest cerebral performance category (CPC) scores

Outcomes of electrical injuries in the emergency department: a 10-year retrospective study

Endovascular versus open repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm in 15-years’ follow-up

Management and Outcomes of Bleeding Events in Patients in the ED Taking Warfarin or a NOAC








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