Papers of April 2019

So we’ve got a massively important paper that we’re going to kick off April’s Papers of the Month podcast with, which is the RCT we’ve been waiting for; whether patients who have a ROSC should go to the cath lab, without a stemi, if the presumed cause is a coronary event? We’ve covered this topic in the past, for a background take a listen to PCI following ROSC and our December ’17 papers of the month podcast.

Next up, on the topic of over-testing, we have a look if we should be sending troponins and BNP’s on our patients attending with syncope.

Lastly, having spoken recently about the importance of ED airway registry’s, we take a look at an open access paper from SJTREM that describes the practice, success and complication rates of ED advanced airway management.

As always make sure you take a look at the papers yourselves and draw you own conclusions, we’d love to hear your thoughts.


Simon & Rob

References & Further Reading

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PCI following ROSC podcast

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