Papers of June 2018

Welcome back to our monthly round up of the best papers in the resuscitation world.

Again we’ve got 3 great papers covering some really important points of practice. First up we have a look at one of the most talked about diagnostic tests in Emergency Medicine, Troponin. We’re are always looking to increase the sensitivity of the assay and test in order to ensure the patient hasn’t got Acute Coronary Syndrome, but what are the implications of implementing a high sensitivity test? In our first paper we have a look at this exact scenario, the difference in patient outcomes and some of the resource implications to the service.

Next up we have a look at apnoeic oxygeationn. We’ve covered this a number of times before and most recently in our Roadside to Resus episode on RSI. This time we have a look at the most recent systematic review and meta-analysis on the topic to see if there is more definitive evidence of benefit with this technique.

Lastly we’ve found a paper that suggests a place for prognosticating off pH in cardiac arrest, is this something we should be adopting?

Have a listen but most importantly have a look at the papers yourself and let us know your thoughts.

Enjoy and here’s the link to the fantastic fundraising that Rob is involved in, we’d be hugely grateful for any support you can offer.

Simon & Rob

References & Further Reading

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