Papers of May 2019

So first up a huge welcome to SJTREM, the free open access journal who we’ve teamed up with in the delivery of the podcast, every paper they publish is available online to read for free.

Each month we’ll be covering one of their papers in our Papers of the Month episodes, giving you the opportunity to review the literature yourself, come to your own conclusions and join the conversation. SJTREM have made our podcast a sustainable venture and together we look forward to promoting review and discussion of the best evidence and education, to all, for free!

This month we’ll be looking at an analysis of REBOA and having a think about whether it is benefiting those patients that are receiving it. We take a look at paper that reviews what we really know about the use of ETCO2 in cardiac arrest and have a think about how much importance we should put on it. Finally we take a look at the utility of prehospital blood gases; should this be the standard of care, or is it a step too far?Make sure you take a look at the papers yourself, remembering that the paper from SJTREM on prehospital blood gases is totally open access.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.


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