Papers of September 2018

So we’re back with September’s papers of the month a little later than usual but we wanted to give you a little time to digest AIRWAYS-2… before we give you some more prehospital research on advanced airway management in cardiac arrest!

The American version of AIRWAYS-2, PART, has just been released in JAMA, looking at the laryngeal tube versus endotracheal intubation as a primary strategy for advanced airway management. The paper is fascinating accompaniment to AIRWAYS-2.

Next we have a look at a paper assessing Emergency Medicine clinicians’ ability to predict hospital admission at the time of triage, should we be making early calls on the destination of our patients?

Finally we have a look at the potential role of esmolol in cases of refractory VF and a paper that reports twice the survival rates in those that receive it!

As always we strongly suggest you have a look at the papers yourself and come to your own conclusions. Make sure you check out the hyperlinked blogs below that we mention in the podcast that contain some fantastic critiques. We’d also love to hear any comments either at the foot of this page or on twitter to @TheResusRoom.


Simon & Rob

References & Further Reading

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