Pre-hospital Care

This podcast covers some highlights from the talks at the BASICS and The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care 2017 Conference.

We were lucky enough to be invited by Caroline Leech to cover the day and managed to grab a couple of minutes with a handful of the superb speakers;

Dr. Tom Evens; Elite sports for high performance clinicians

Dr. Les Gordon; Pre-hospital management of hypothermia

Dr. Helen Milne; Retrieval and transfer medicine

Surgeon Commander Kate Prior; The battlefield

Dr Chris Press; Prehospital management of diving emergencies

Miss Aimee Yarrington; Obstetric Emergencies

Professor Mark Wilson; Pre-hospital Care, where are we going?

Thanks to all involved for making the podcast and for a great day at the conference, and to PHEMCAST for the collaboration!

Simon, Rob & Clare


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