RSI in critically unwell patients

Gaining control of the airway in a critically unwell patient is a key skill of the critical care team and littered with potential for difficulty and complications.

NAP4 highlighted the real dangers faced with their review of complications of airway management in the UK, lessons have been learnt and practice has progressed. As always there is room to improve on current practice and a recent paper published in Anaesthesia describes a comprehensive strategy to optimise oxygenation, airway management, and tracheal intubation in critically ill patients in all hospital locations.

In this podcast we cover;

  • Why this matters to all involved in critically unwell patients, not just those delivering RSI
  • Recap of RSI, the procedure and its indictions
  • Headlines from NAP4
  • Strategies highlighted to optimise airway management and oxygenation
  • How this impacts our prehospital and inhospital practive

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