C Spine Immobilisation

C-spine immobilisation is a controversial topic because of a lack of high quality evidence from clinical trials. Historical approaches have been challenged, however NICE guidance continues to recommend 3-point immobilisation for all patients with suspected spinal injury despite considerable clinical equipoise.

In this episode we discuss the complexities of balancing the risks and harms when trying to provide a patient centred approach, rather than a “one-size fits all” model.
As always, there are a number of papers, guidelines and resources that you should have a look at (it’s not exhaustive, but a good place to start!)


References & Further Reading
NICE Guidance
Faculty of prehospital care consensus statements
Cochrane reviews
Papers of interest


  • Gaynor Creaby says:

    Great discussion… it’s what we all sort of thought but didn’t always feel able to say! Your podcasts are helping me get through mounds of washing also. Many thanks for your beautifully explained revelations!

  • Leo Kink says:

    Great podcast

    We had a big discussion in the Netherlands about this item in the ambulancesector, resulting in not using the spineboard so often anymore. We did a research on what will happen with a broken spine on L1 level when fixed on a spineboard and the result was far more negative them we expected.

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