Narrow Complex Tachycardia

So in this episode we run through narrow complex tachycardias, not I hear you say a perfect visual topic for an audio platform like a podcast, but hold your horses…

No matter what your level, or your depth of understanding of narrow complex tachycardias, we really hope this will offer some extra knowledge and contemplation for both those of you, like us, that have been treating patient with NCT for decades, right through to those of you that are completely new to the topic.

We run through all the normal stuff like definitions, clinical context and electrical pathways. Then we have a think about those terms and concepts like node dependance, AVRT, AVNRT, WPW etc, and then we come back to the fundamentals of delivering excellent care and how we can use a structure of interpretation to decide how best to treat our patient both pre and in-hospital. 

We’ve tried to really nail down and describe some of the concepts in a way that should make this topic a lot easier to understand and most importantly help us all deliver excellent care.

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Simon, Rob & James

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RCUK 2021 guidelines

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BNF; arrhythmia

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