Papers of April 2021

Well if last month was based on cardiac arrest, this month takes a deeper look at airways!

First up we take a look at a paper that benchmarks the use of video laryngoscopy, specifically with the C-MAC and gives some really useful information from a Swiss HEMS service on first-pass success, the relevance of operator experience on success and factors that alter intubation success.

Next up we’re looking at blood in the airway with epistaxis…okay it’s a tenuous link, but it pretty much works! The NOPAC study looks at the use of TXA in atraumatic epistaxis and compare it to placebo use, will TXA come up trumps in this setting?

Finally we take a look at the use of scalpel cricothyroidotomy within the London HEMS service over a 20 year period, with a number of things we can learn from this experience.

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Simon & Rob

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References & Further Reading

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Emergency scalpel cricothyroidotomy use in a prehospital trauma service: a 20-year review. Shadman Aziz. Emerg Med J. 2021

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