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There’s a huge paper to talk about this month in the PREOXI trial, a multi centre RCT looking at the pre oxygenation strategy in critically unwell patients undergoing RSI, with patients either getting high flow oxygen through a facemask or NIV. The results are pretty remarkable and may well be practice changing as we’ll discuss in the podcast!

Next up we take a look at a feasibility of lidocaine patches for older patients with rib fractures and the potential benefit in terms of pain and respiratory complications.

Lastly we take a look at the benefit of performing a CT head scan in the Emergency Department for patients with a first fit. At times this can feel like a significant utilisation of resources, but what is the yield of positive scans and impact on patient care?

Once again we’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback either on the website or via X @TheResusRoom!

Simon & Rob

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Best Evidence Topic report: Is a CT head required for patients who present to the emergency department with a first seizure? Williams. EMJ. 2024

St. Emily’s; Noninvasive Ventilation For Preoxygenation During Emergency Intubation

First10EM; BiPAP for preoxygenation (the PREOXI trial)

EMCrit 377 – Breaking News – The PREOXI Trial changes everything about Preoxygenation for Intubations in the Critically Ill

NICE; Epilepsies in children, young people and adults


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