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Welcome back to June’s Papers of the month!

We kick off this month looking at the work up of patients with a first episode of psychosis. With these patients there is a chance of a psychosis secondary to an underlying structural cause. Getting neuro-imaging to look for this prior to psychiatric assessment is tricky though, often with a need for sedation and then the subsequent delay for psychiatric assessment. Our first paper looks at the yield of positive scans for these patients and helps us to understand a bit more about the need for this.

Secondly; sepsis screening tools are commonplace in most emergency services and departments, but how do they compare against senior clinician gestalt?

Finally we look at the association of gastric distension in cardiac arrest and the rates of ROSC, should we be concentrating more on decompression of gastric volume intra-arrest?

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Prevalence of Neuroradiological Abnormalities in First-Episode Psychosis A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Blackman. JAMA Psychiatry. 2023

Early Physician Gestalt Versus Usual Screening Tools for the Prediction of Sepsis in Critically Ill Emergency Patients. Knack. Annals Emerg Med. 2024

Effect of stomach inflation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation on return of spontaneous circulation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients: A retrospective observational study. Naito. Resuscitation. 2023

First 10 EM; No, you don’t need to order an MRI in first episode psychosis

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