Papers of November 2023

Well this has been a huge month for Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in terms of papers!

We start off looking at REBOA; many resuscitationist’s favourite concept or device with the much awaited UK-REBOA trial. What does the paper mean for practice in our Resus Rooms? Is this about to become a key part of trauma management? The paper is fascinating and one of the most though provoking we’ve discussed in a while.

Next up we look at CROYSTAT-2, another such anticipated trial looking at whether survival could be improved by administering an early and empirical high dose of cryoprecipitate to all patients with trauma and bleeding that required activation of a major hemorrhage protocol.

Finally we look at a paper which describes a taxonomy of key performance errors in intubation and may inform our review and improvement of intubation in the ED.

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Simon & Rob

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A taxonomy of key performance errors for emergency intubation. Weingart. Am J Emerg Med. 2023

Critical Care Reviews; UK REBOA Trial

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