Papers of October 2020

Welcome back to the Papers of the Month podcast, once again we’ve got 3 more papers to inform, discuss and hopefully improve our practice.

First up we have a look at a paper which looks to quantify the prognostic utility of lactate in our sick Resus patients; we often look at the initial lactates and draw conclusions for what they mean, but this paper helps us understand the results a bit further.

For our patients that sustain a head injury, the NICE guidelines advocate that all patients on direct oral anticoagulants should have a CT head scan, irrespective of clinical findings or other high risk features of the patients history. Quantifying the risk that these patients have for an intracranial bleed is really important, as to date it isn’t fully understood. Our second paper looks at this directly and can help inform practice, guidelines and discussions with patients.

Finally; we often think about how we can improve resuscitation of our patients in cardiac arrest, look for the latest treatment and evidence, but it can be easy to overlook how our actions can significantly affect their loved ones who may be present at this time. We take a look at a fascinating study looking at the impact of inviting patients in to witness the resuscitation in its entirety and the effect that this has in regards too PTSD. In our opinion this paper holds a huge amount to think about and is a game changer!

Finally keep an eye out for our CPD portal and app which is in the final stages of testing and will be out very shortly!! We’ll be keeping you up to date on twitter @TheResusRoom with its launch


Simon & Rob

References & Further Reading

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