Papers of October 2023

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This month we kick off looking at an RCT which looks at whether we should convey patients with a ROSC from a likely cardiac cause (without a STEMI in their ECG) to a cardiac arrest centre, or whether they would be as well served at their local Emergency Department. This paper has huge potential implications for service design for cardiac arrest patients.

Next up we look at another RCT evaluating if patients with a suspected uncomplicated appendicitis who have urgent surgical intervention benefit in terms of a reduced perforation rate, when compared with those who have surgery within 24 hours.

Lastly we take a look at the use of bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium in cardiac arrest and see if there use is supported in a huge cardiac arrest registry.

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Expedited transfer to a cardiac arrest centre for non-ST-elevation out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (ARREST): a UK prospective, multicentre, parallel, randomised clinical trial. Patterson. Lancet. 2023

Role of preoperative in-hospital delay on appendiceal perforation while awaiting appendicectomy (PERFECT). Jalava. The Lancet. 2023

Bicarbonate, calcium, and magnesium for in-hospital cardiac arrest – An instrumental variable analysis. Holmberg. Resuscitation. 2023

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