June 2016

Some of the papers that caught our eye this month…..

What does Ketamine really do to your haemodynamics on induction?

Hemodynamic Response After Rapid Sequence Induction With Ketamine in Out-of-Hospital Patients at Risk of Shock as Defined by the Shock Index. Miller M, et al. Ann Emerg Med. 2016

Can we predict outcome of a patient with drowning?

Predicting outcome of drowning at the scene: A systematic review and meta-analyses. Quan L, et al. Resuscitation. 2016

How can I get the best view with this bent blade?

Techniques for Improving Video Laryngoscopy With a Hyperangulated Blade. Phelan MP. Acad Emerg Med. 2016 May 10. doi: 10.1111/acem.13011. [Epub ahead of print]

Making big decisions

Paramedics’ experiences of end-of-life care decision making with regard to nursing home residents: an exploration of influential issues and factors. Murphy-Jones G. Emerg Med J. 2016 May 17. pii: emermed-2015-205405. doi: 10.1136/emermed-2015-205405. [Epub ahead of print]

What blood pressure target should we be aiming for in cardiovascular disease?

Intensive vs Standard Blood Pressure Control and Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes in Adults Aged ≥75 Years: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Williamson JD, et al. JAMA. 2016

Why we don’t all make the same decisions

Prevalence of and Factors Related to Discordance About Prognosis Between Physicians and Surrogate Decision Makers of Critically Ill Patients. White DB, et al. JAMA. 2016

Are you a helmet or a mask fan??

Effect of Noninvasive Ventilation Delivered by Helmet vs Face Mask on the Rate of Endotracheal Intubation in Patients With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Patel BK, et al. JAMA. 2016

Surely platelets are a good idea in intracerebral bleeds when the patient is on an anti platelet?

Platelet transfusion versus standard care after acute stroke due to spontaneous cerebral haemorrhage associated with antiplatelet therapy (PATCH): a randomised, open-label, phase 3 trial. Baharoglu MI, et al. Lancet. 2016

The weekend effect……

Weekend specialist intensity and admission mortality in acute hospital trusts in England: a cross-sectional study. Aldridge C, et al. Lancet. 2016

Video or old school in the paediatric airway?

Comparison between direct and video-assisted laryngoscopy for intubations in a pediatric emergency department. Eisenberg MA, et al. Acad Emerg Med. 2016

What should the approach be to a suspected SAH?

Controversies in the Diagnosis of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Long B, et al. J Emerg Med. 2016

What’s the correct dose in paediatric ketamine sedation?

Optimal dosing of intravenous ketamine for procedural sedation in children in the ED-a randomized controlled trial. Kannikeswaran N, et al. Am J Emerg Med. 2016.

Take your breath away, impact brain apnoea

Impact brain apnoea – A forgotten cause of cardiovascular collapse in trauma. Wilson MH, et al. Resuscitation. 2016

How long is too long in CPR?

Prolonged Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Outcomes after Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. Rajan S, et al. Resuscitation. 2016

How good is aspirin in preventing stroke after TIA?

Effects of aspirin on risk and severity of early recurrent stroke after transient ischaemic attack and ischaemic stroke: time-course analysis of randomised trials. Rothwell PM, et al. Lancet. 2016

Blood prehospitally, should we be doing it?

Pre-Hospital Blood Product Resuscitation for Trauma: a Systematic Review. Smith IM, et al. Shock. 2016

Paediatric tube in the wrong place, why?

Factors Associated with Misplaced Endotracheal Tubes During Intubation in Pediatric Patients. Miller KA, et al. J Emerg Med. 2016

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