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Acute Kidney Injury is common, complicated and holds significant morbidity and mortality. But if we recognise it, we can make a real difference to our patients’ outcomes. In this episode we run through the anatomy, physiology and aetiologies. We have a think about the multitude of definitions of AKI and then take each of the

There’s a huge paper to talk about this month in the PREOXI trial, a multi centre RCT looking at the pre oxygenation strategy in critically unwell patients undergoing RSI, with patients either getting high flow oxygen through a facemask or NIV. The results are pretty remarkable and may well be practice changing as we’ll discuss

So this month we’re looking at major incidents and specifically the triage process that is now coming into play in the UK and further afield that you need to know about! We normally stick pretty strongly to clinical topics; they’re pretty easy to focus on because you can imagine how extra knowledge in a certain