Papers of August 2019

Well the summer has definitely hit and we hope you get a chance for a break… making sure you spend spend some time listening to Heat Illness on a beach somewhere!

It’s a wide variety of papers for you this month;

Should we be looking to immediately cardiovert acute onset AF in the ED? What difference does glucagon make to clearing oesophageal foreign bodies? How important is our diagnostic accuracy in ED to the patients morbidity and mortality? And finally we cover a paper looking at the requirement for urgent tracheal intubation in trauma patients, and are lucky enough to get some thoughts from the lead author Dr. Kate Crewdson.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.


Simon & Rob

References & Further Reading

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Requirement for urgent tracheal intubation after traumatic injury: a retrospective analysis of 11,010 patients in the Trauma AuditResearch Network database. Crewdson K. Anaesthesia. 2019 

Should we rapidly cardiovert AF in the ED? St Emlyn’s

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