Papers of December ’17

You’ve got a critically unwell patient who needs an RSI. You’ve got lots of things to think about but specifically do you ramp them up or keep them supine, additionally do you use a checklist or are those things a complete waste of time? This month we have a look at 2 papers which should shed some light on the subject.

We also look at a systematic review and meta-analysis which hopefully helps us answer a question we’ve been looking at on the podcast for quite some time: in the the context of a cardiac arrest that has gained a ROSC, if the ECG is not diagnostic of a STEMI but the history is suggestive of a cardiac event, should the patient go straight to the cathlab for PCI?

As always don’t just take our word for it but go and have a look at the papers yourself and we would love to hear your thoughts.

A Multicenter Randomized Trial of a Checklist for Endotracheal Intubation of Critically Ill Adults. Janz DR. Chest. 2017

Early coronary angiography in patients resuscitated from out of hospital cardiac arrest without ST-segment elevation: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Khan MS. Resuscitation. 2017

JC: Should non ST elevation ROSC patients go to cath lab? St.Emlyn’s

CHECK-UP Checklist; The Bottom Line 

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