Papers of May 2018

Dare we say it, we think this month’s papers podcast is the best yet, we’ve got 3 superb papers and topics to consider!

The literature has been pretty airway heavy this month so we’ve got 3 papers on and around the topic for you.

First up we have a look at a really interesting paper from London HEMS looking at the risks v benefit of prehospital rapid sequence intubation in patients who are awake but hypotensive, is RSI a much needed move or something we should be looking to avoid prehospitally.

Airways-2 will soon be published looking at supraglottic airway management compared to intubation as first line airway management in out of hospital cardiac arrest, but JAMA has just published a paper comparing bag-mask ventilation vs endotracheal intubation in the same situation. It’ll be interesting to see if this papers results fall inline with Airways-2.

Finally we take a look at a systematic review trying to give us the answer to direct or video laryngoscopy in emergency endotracheal intubation outside the OR.

Have a listen but most importantly have a look at the papers yourself and let us know your thoughts.


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