PCI following ROSC?

If you’ve had an MI with a STEMI or a new LBBB the decision to go to the cath lab is pretty straight forward. If you’ve collapsed with a cardiac arrest of presumed cardiac aetiology (the majority of them) and gained a ROSC (return in spontaneous circulation) then the decision to go the the lab immediately is pretty variable and can depend of the clinicians involved, the ECG or the system within which you work.

The Resus Council and the European Society of Cardiology have some guidance on the topic and that is a must read. Today we have a look at a commonly quoted paper in the literature, The PROCAT database, to see if we can shed some light on the topic.

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  • I listened to this podcast while out walking.
    A patient attended the week after.
    ROSC post MI prolonged down time.
    Pushed for immediate transfer to PCI centre
    He has now been discharged with great outcome.
    Thanks Simon et al.

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