TXA time to treatment

In this episode we cover a paper that you have to know about!

The use of tranexamic acid(or TXA) has become widespread in the case of major trauma and bleeding and post partum haemorrhage. This time we discuss a recent paper that asks us if giving it within 3 hours is enough, or whether we need to be even more specific regarding its urgency of administration in order to save lives from bleeding.

There is a superb podcast over at our buddies site PHEMCAST which covers an interview with one of the authors and we’d highly recommend listening to that!


Simon & Rob


Effect of treatment delay on the effectiveness and safety of antifibrinolytics in acute severe haemorrhage: a meta-analysis of individual patient-level data from 40 138 bleeding patients. Gayet-Ageron A. Lancet. 2017


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