Caring in a Broken System

We know it’s the festive season but we thought we’d try and cover an issue from which there appears to be no escape and is a particular problem at this time of year, queuing!

Whether we like it or not, this has become a factor for all of us working in emergency care, whether its delays getting your patient into the department, queueing down the corridor into ED, a prolonged stay in ED for an appropriate ward, or even in a physical queue to get out of the ED and onto an appropriate bed!

We are looking after our patients for significantly longer than we’re used to and this pushes the patient and the clinician into an area of care in which we have limited experience and comfort.

Rather than accepting delays and ignoring their inevitable impact on patient care, we need to move towards equipping ourselves with the skills and knowledge to fill that care vacuum and ensure that excellence in patient care continues throughout their time with the ambulance service.

So with that in mind, in this episode we’re going to think about some of the considerations and interventions that are required to ensure our patients remain safe and comfortable throughout their queueing experience. And to do that we’re going to draw on the concept of prolonged field care.

An article by Aehbric O’Kelley and Tom Mallinson recently authored a paper published in Journal of paramedic practice entitled “Prolonged field care principles in UK paramedic practice”. That article really provided the idea and stimulus for this episode, so thanks to them for all of the hard work and once you’ve listened to us waffle on you should head across to their paper for a far more eloquent explanation of it all!

Once again we’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback either on the website or via X @TheResusRoom!

Simon, Rob & James

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